9 Setups for Tuesday

  1. $ADMA daily chart

  2. $BOIL daily chart

  3. $TSLQ

  4. $SARK

  5. $ELF

  6. $CL

  7. $KO

  8. $CUTR

  9. $ISEE

Just bought shares in $BOIL, the 3x Long Nat Gas Fund in the pre-market. Nat Gas futures now sitting at what I believe will be today’s low and that’s where I bought a bit below, in pre-market. This formed candlestick is called a “hammer” and suggests a hammering out of a bottom on this hourly chart for Nat Gas futures.

I’d post charts for others, but I’ve got a few more moves to make in pre-target. I’m hoping many of the above open red so I can hunt for a quick pullback to play.