A bit about Snowflake

I came across an article published by Benzinga which reviews some stats which I had not focused on.

Snowflake directly addresses the rapid growth and democratization of data within organizations, Materne wrote in the initiation note. Snowflake happens to be a market leader in the space, yet its market share of the $78 billion total addressable market (in 2024) stands at just 1.2%.

Snowflake has only 4,000 customers on its platform, which is a small fraction compared to a company like VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) that boasts 500,000. As such, Snowflake is in the very early innings of a multi-year long growth trajectory so its revenue growth potential and margin expansion represent a “huge opportunity.”

The research firm is estimating Snowflake can generate a 60% compounded annual growth rate through 2025.

Snowflake still has a big world to conquer. Huge TAM. But expect lots of volatility.

The article was posted on Yahoo.