A/C Air Duct Cleaning

My wife and I are constantly sneezing and we suspect it could be the A/C ductwork is need of cleaning. I would appreciate others experience with this type of service.



We got it done once. We had rented out our Ohio home while we lived in Rhode Island. The first family that rented it out owned cats, and the second family owned dogs. We did the clean out before we moved back in. The cleaning got a lot of pet dander out of the ducts, as well as the build up in the dryer exhaust vent.

I’m glad we did it, but I haven’t personally seen the need to do it again since then.

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Cleaning the ducts, in my view, is more like getting a dental cavity filled and not getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months.

You need to first determine if you have an allergy problem, if there is stuff in the ducts and if stuff in the ducts is causal.

Is the sneezing an issue every month of the year? Any difference in the shoulder seasons – when the furnace/AC does not run?

Have you tried upgraded filters. Assuming your filters are the standard 1 inch filters, I am suggesting something like this

Stuff in the duct, that stays in the duct is not a problem. Stuff in the air people breath can be a problem.

My wife spent 30 months getting allergy treatments - started with micrograms of allergens two or three times a week. Built up to hundreds of milligrams every month. She was allergic to all 48 items in the screening test. We have no carpets in our house and we had our furnace company install a filter system using these filters.

The filters keep my allergies at bay and lower the dust level in our house enough our cleaner has asked if we dust between her bi weekly visits.

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Before spending the cash on cleaning ductwork, I too would invest in superior filters and be sure to replace them on schedule. Of course, if you’ve just moved into the house and the previous owners had pets that you are allergic to, then a cleaning would be logical. That said, we invested in Aeroduct sealing for leaky ductwork (duct cleaning was the first step in the process) and we’ve been delighted with the result. Far less dust, better air quality and the HVAC system is much more efficient than before.