A Crowdstrike CC commercial

Bert pointed out the following win the Crowdstrike CEO mentioned in the conference call. Bert acknowledges that it’s a commercial, but even so you have to love the implications for how customers can seamlessly get started with Crowdstrike, and ramp up.

CRWD CEO: …After two large enterprise companies merge, their security teams were faced with a patchwork of security tools that were ineffective and could not scale to meet their needs.

…the organization was overwhelmed with so many false positives that they estimated 30 employees would be needed to triage alerts and manage these disparate tools. This organization decided to evaluate CrowdStrike because of our strong reputation in the marketplace or our ability to address a broad range of security challenges through a single agent in a modular platform.

During the sales process, this customer deployed Falcon on over 15,000 endpoints over a weekend, where it had taken one of the incumbent vendors one year to reach a similar level. After seeing how quick and easy it was deploying scale with [Phonetic] the Falcon platform across their environment, they increased the scope of the deployments to include servers, significantly increasing the overall deployment to well over 100,000 endpoints and workloads.

The CISO at this new CrowdStrike customer estimated that by replacing the software, hardware and labor costs associated with these other vendors, they will attain a compelling ROI in less than eight months.

Bert thinks this illustrates how/why CRWD can grow at breakneck speed (and also charge a premium price – because the product is so valuable they’re still saving their customers money)! Reminds me of Alteryx: sell a few seats to a customer who wants to try Alteryx, then they love it so much they buy seats for their whole team of say 50 people, then other teams in the organization buy seats too. Bert goes on to say:

…the odds would certainly seem to suggest that this company will wind up as the largest EPP vendor within a few years, with a strong competitive moat.


You know, you hear things in a conference call that sound great, but you don’t always know how to contextualize them. It’s incredibly valuable to hear from others who offer their interpretation, as we do on this board. It’s doubly nice to hear that Bert, who knows a lot about the industry, sees Crowdstrike’s opportunity and advantages the same way we do. He seems to be as enamored with them as any of us, closing with:

Should readers buy these shares - hell yes, if that kind of comment is allowed in a family publication.