A discouraging data point


Solid Power starts production of its pilot plant for Solid State batteries. This is good news. The bad news is that the first production cells for evaluation will not be in automakers hands until 2023.

The discouraging news is that Solid Power was formed in 2011. The move from lab to production has taken 12 years. This is about 3 times longer than other science innovations to market.

Still, while the time line from lab to market is long, the technology seems to be worth switching to. The energy density and cost seem to be better than the state of the art lithium ion batteries and there appears to be room for more improvement.

(Notice the weasel words “seems” “appears” )



(Notice the weasel words “seems” “appears” )

Exactly! LOL

Progress happens! Pragmatists will adopt solid state batteries if and when they prove themselves, after Crossing the Chasm. That’s what technology growth investors should aim to do, ride the “S” curve from the successful Crossing of the Chasm to the happy arrival to Cash Cow status.

The Captain