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Macro just raised $4.3M to make your never-ending Zoom calls more useful


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Locke makes a true point, but I did find value. I learned that ZM offers a free “SDK”. That attracts developers to build products that connect to Zoom and use its services.

This is possible in large part to the cost of the Zoom SDK, which is $0. The heavy lifting of audio and video is handled by Zoom, as is the high compute cost. This means that Macro can offer its product for free at a relatively low cost to the company as it tries to grow.

SDK translates to “Software Development Kit”. What is that? It is a package of software that provides hooks and handles for the software Macro develops to connect into Zoom. Macro’s product is a fancied-up portal into Zoom’s product. Zoom charges nothing, which means they expect to profit some other way, or perhaps they just want the world to depend on them, so they can profit later.

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I made this post that talks about some of the other things Zoom offers, including the API/SDK which is really just a small part of their platform: https://discussion.fool.com/beyond-zoom-video-integrate-apps-pho…

There are a couple of ways integration can happen. The obvious is something you make for their app store or internally in your company that is integrated directly with Zoom. There is another way which is not mentioned in my post above, and I find it very interesting because it really has nothing to do with Zoom: Virtual Camera integrations. Basically any program can sit between your camera and Zoom and alter the video. There are snap-chat like apps that can add funny effects like a cat sitting on your head, turning you into a floating pickle with a face or adding subtle virtual makeup, mess with backgrounds, and so on. Have a look at SnapCamera: https://snapcamera.snapchat.com. It is easy to setup too. The program that operates on your camera’s image is given permission by you. It then presents as a camera itself to Zoom. So when you go in to the Zoom settings, you see your system camera and another one named like the app.

While neat, and again nothing to do with Zoom, this does pose a minor security risk if you grant access to the wrong program, but really only on your side since it only has access to YOUR camera, and not the Zoom meeting. It could change your image to disturb other people, but that is about the worst it can do to others.