A note on Wix...

Here’s a tidbit on Wix.

I teach Grade 8 at a private school. A little about my student population. They are really very wealthy. In other words, these kids are going to grow up and go on to expensive business schools and start businesses, etc. Often, students will create a website as part of a school project. Their default choice of platform is always Wix. Wordpress, Squarespace, etc. are all non-entities for them. They associate websites with Wix in almost the same way that I associated word processing with MS Word in the '90s.

I know this doesn’t translate into revenue growth numbers, but it’s my own Peter Lynch kind of observation, and I thought some of you might like to hear it.

Since this is my first post, I also just want to say “hi.” I’ve had a Motley Fool subscription for a few years and did okay, but always felt lost because it was hard to tell which stocks were really true opportunities and which stocks were just stories. I tried to evaluate and often was wrong. Saul’s knowledge base has been really helpful to help me understand what to look for in growth companies. My best trade this year has been The Trade Desk which is already a triple, and I’m up more than 40% on my twilio and alteryx shares that I bought during the summer. I am admittedly nervous about the new money I’ve added after the past two years epic run, but I also thought Amazon was expensive for almost ten years and never bought any. So this time, I’m thinking, “it’s probably still early”. I just hope I have the termerity to hold on if the bottom falls out of the market and multiples contract(and these companies growth trajectories are still intact).