"A Place For Mom" is a scam

Many of you may have seen the ads for “A Place For Mom” on your local news where caring people will help you find LTC for a loved one. It appears to be a scam where they’ll refer you to a substandard nursing home in exchange for a big referral fee from Private Equity.

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{{ Founded by an entrepreneurial married couple in Seattle in 2000, A Place for Mom is now owned by private equity firms Silver Lake Partners and General Atlantic. As a privately held company, it is not required to disclose such key information as annual revenue and marketing budgets.}}

I don’t want an “entrepreneurial married couple” involved with my health care any more than Private Equity. {{ LOL }}



And offer you a reverse mortgage in the deal?

Why not?

Of course. “Magnum” says reverse mortgages are great. He wouldn’t fib. He’s such a hunk.


Hunk of something.

Not cheese?

Place for Mom has always been a referral service. I have used them with no complaints but years ago.

Presumably money changes hands. Places with waiting lists probably don’t need their services. Places with vacancies may have issues with staff, etc. But I would expect new places with vacancies to use the service too.

As always caveat emptor.