A Primer on Investing for My Daughter

I wrote this investing primer for my 30 yo daughter a year and a half ago. It got over two hundred recs so people apparently liked it. As there are many new people on the board who may not be aware of it, I thought it would be useful to post a link to it. You should read the KnowledgeBase (on the right hand panel) first, however.




A link to the Knowledgebase for this board is in the Announcements panel that is on the right side of every page on this board.

For some additions to the Knowledgebase, bringing it up to date, I’d advise reading several other posts linked to on the panel, especially “How I Pick a Company to Invest In,” and “Why My Investing Criteria Have Changed,” and “Why It Really is Different.”


You should probably include that somewhere in the knowledge base. It was a really good primer. I’m forwarding it to my 20-something daughter who’s starting to show a little interest in investing.

Thanks for sharing.

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I’m sorry, rjajou, your post is about portfolio management which is off-topic for our board, and will be deleted. We are here for the discussion of individual growth stocks, not for portfolio management. Besides we are not financial advisors and can’t tell you what to do with your investments.

Please read the Rules of the Board which are posted every week.

And there is nothing wrong with discussing portfolio management. Some boards are set up for that, just not this one.On the side panel there is even a link called Places for Off-Topic Posts.