A Running List of Fools Found on Twitter

This effort started on the soon to close Atheist board.

If you want to stay in touch with Motley Fool posters who might lose contact with you on boards not financial, here is how to find some of us on Twitter. Please add your Twitter account to this list so that others can follow you over there.

Goofyhoofy, I know I followed you on Twitter once before, but for the life of me, I cannot remember your ID there. If you feel compelled, I’m sure all of the below would follow you from the Atheist Board.

If you add your Twitter handle, try to keep this alphabetized by Motley Fool handle. Thanks.

Twitter ID                    Motley Fool handle

@wriggs13                     AdvanceDecline
@peregreine                   PeregrineTrader
@jimferguson                  PucksFool
@azulenne                     Wessex