PT? Hope All Is Well

Haven’t heard from you for a few days and hoping you’re OK.

And… Happy New Year!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I second that! I hope all is moving in a positive direction for you healthwise.

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Thank you for the kind thoughts. Today is a bad day for anemia, vertigo, nausea (bad nausea like I had last week - meaning keep the emeis bags handy.)

It takes forever to grab full sentences from my head and put down here, and sometimes, I find myself staring at the screen for five minutes wondering where I was, what was the next word, where was I going? It’s not brain freeze. More like the line is down between my typing hands and thoughts.

The best thing for me to do from here on, til I’m well, is go for links and images, none of my own thoughts or long form answers.

Nick Cat9 and I are holding down the cabin in the jungle today. I tossed this old office chair I had in the barn onto the screen porch. He comes in from his patrols of the jungle and then rests in the shade when the sun is up. This cat reads my mind and my wife’s mind. He’s a Love Cat.

p.s. I haven’t posted in more than a week. What is happening at Motley Fool? Where are all the people?


Thanks for checking in. Hope you are feeling better soon. Be well!!!

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Some folks have moved to , a site that Maniobbi set up all by himself out of the goodness of his heart. Its a replication of the old style Fools board. Hasn’t taken off yet except for the Berkshire Hathaway Board .

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Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. Yeah, not for me.