A Senator Calls for Total Ban on Chinese EVs

The senator’s claim is that they are an “existential threat to the American auto industry”.

Is this a nation security issue because the China EV could be used for spying? Or a jobs issue & defense of a vital industry? Or can GM & Ford not compete even with a 27.5% tariff on Chinese EVs?
What if Chinese EV manufacturers wanted to build factories within the USA? Should that be banned also? If yes how would that affect the Tesla factory in the China mainland?
How negatively effected is the war on global warming by banning inexpensive EVs in the US?

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The Senator in question is from Ohio, home to several auto plants, including Jeep in Toledo and Honda in Marysville. His concern is for Ohio autoworkers.

The auto company “JCs” care not one whit about American workers. They would be perfectly fine with Chinese built EVs, if they had Ford and GM badges on them. Only thing obstructing that is “intrusive, big gummit” that provides incentives for USian built EVs.

Strabismus recently announced new Jeep and Wagoneer brand EVs, to be built in Toluca, Mexico.



We have less and less access to China’s market. This probably makes sense.

Proposed legislation is not a risk and is off-topic.

Runs and hides.