"anti-woke" and anti-Chinese attitudes hurting state economies?

The media is abuzz with chatter about Ford Motor announcing a new EV battery plant in rural south-central Michigan.

Apparently, Ford favored a location in Virginia, but, the Gov of that state refused to offer any incentives, calling the Ford owned and staffed plant a “Chinese Trojan horse” because Ford licenses the battery technology from a Chinese company. That Gov also has a track record of staking out an anti-EV position.

So, good for Michigan. I know that area between Albion and Marshall pretty well. Albion, in particular, has suffered significant economic setbacks as first, a Corning Glass TV picture tube plant closed, then the big foundry I worked in one summer closed.


Michigan takes advantage of Virginia’s unforced error.


Interesting because very often between companies licensing a patent is really more of a swap. It is not like Ford does not have its own IP. Even as a newcomer to EVs. There are other techs in the EVs. Also if a company ever refuses to swap or license at a more reasonable price the company needs to worry about antitrust in the US or EU.

I don’t think Virginia’s position has anything to do with the legalities of IP licenses. Seems to be more about fanning an anti-Chinese attitude/anti-EV attitude, to the state’s detriment.

This is the building I used to work in, in Plymouth, MI, when it was a warehouse for Office Depot. Fuyao is a Chinese automotive glass maker. Besides this facility in Michigan, they have operations in Moraine, Ohio, Decatur, IL, and Fountain Inn, S.C. I presume citizens in Virginia would be denied an opportunity to work for that company too, because (YELLOW PERIL!!!)


I have friends who work for Nexteer in Saginaw, I believe they are Chinese owned. 1 friend laughs about a lot of the anti-woke comments he hears during a workday, but I guess the anti-wokers can look the other way when their paycheck is involved.

So much dichotomy in the American psyche, lol.

Traded on the Hong Kong exchange.

Like living in a psycho ward, isn’t it?



Psych patients are the liars.

There is no longer a thing about supply side economics that is not a lie. But it always was a plot to find the gullible.