A treasure trove of tech stock information

A treasure trove of tech stock information

I’ve written before about Bert Hochfeld. He has been producing a treasure trove of information and opinion on tech stocks, with a deep dive on a different stock almost daily. His write-ups are the best I’ve ever seen, in terms of reasoned discussion, lots of information, and a balanced presentation. They are nothing like MF recommendations, and are much, much more complete and knowledgeable discussions. It’s an amazing service for investors, and free and public! Here is a list of his articles, and I’ve highlighted presentations I was especially interested in. A link to this is below. If you have any interest in tech stocks you should read through this list.


What’s The Matter With Workday?
Editors’ Pick

Amazon: Can Reasonable, Long-Term Investors Buy Amazon’s Shares At Current Prices?
Tue, May 31

Palo Alto: A Misunderstood Quarter Along With A Stretched Valuation
Fri, May 27 •

NetApp: Another Quarter, Another Miss - But Does It Really Matter?
Thu, May 26

Silver Spring Networks: Close To Breaking Out Or Close To Breaking Down?
Editors’ Pick Thu, May 26 •

Itron: Emerging From A Near-Death Experience
Editors’ Pick Tue, May 24 •

CheckPoint-On Its Way To The #2 Position At Least By Sales Ranking In The Network Security Space
Tue, May 24 •

Callidus Software: Where’s The Differentiation?
Fri, May 20 •

Salesforce.Com: Ho-Hum, Just Another Beat And Raise Quarter
Thu, May 19 •

Synchronoss: Another Cloud Software Company That’s Profitable
Editors’ Pick Wed, May 18

2U - A Rather Unique Company That Actually Is Able To Offer Students A Quality Education From A Prestige University
Tue, May 17 •

Microsoft - When Do Investors Get To See The Beef?
Mon, May 16 •

Shopify: Of All The E-Commerce Platforms, Is This The Right One For Investors?
Fri, May 13 •

Nuance: Trying To Measure The Progress Of Multiple Transitions
Thu, May 12 •

Paycom: A Stealth Disruptor In The Mid-Market HCM Space
Editors’ Pick Wed, May 11 •

Square: Trying To Make Sense Of All The Moving Parts
Tue, May 10 •

Just How Much Is Rotten In The State Of Tableau?
Editors’ Pick Mon, May 9 •

Atlassian: Will It Be Successful In Repealing The Laws Of Nature?
Editors’ Pick Fri, May 6 •

Facebook: A Contrarian Viewpoint
Editors’ Pick Wed, May 4 •

LinkedIn: Can Results Justify The Stock Price?
Mon, May 2 •

Is Now The Right Time To Buy Hortonworks Shares?
Must Read Mon, May 2 •

Open Text: When A Miss Is Viewed By Investors As A Beat - And Why
Editors’ Pick Fri, Apr. 29 •

Red Hat - Finally Building A Multi-Legged Stool Beyond Linux To Enhance Growth
Must Read Fri, Apr. 29 •

PTC: That Old Gray Mare Begins To Trot
Editors’ Pick Tue, Apr. 26 •

The Great Cloud Tsunami And How To Guard Your Portfolio From Its Extremely Disruptive Influences
Mon, Apr. 25 •

VMware: A Potential Blast From The Past
Editors’ Pick Fri, Apr. 22 •

Rubicon: The Strange Case Of The Always Conservative Guidance
Thu, Apr. 21 •

IBM: The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Earnings And Revenue Beat
Tue, Apr. 19 •

Autodesk: Is Management Credible Or Will This Remain A Play Of The Optimists Forever?
Editors’ Pick Mon, Apr. 18 •

Oracle? Who Might Be Eating Their Porridge?
Editors’ Pick Fri, Apr. 15 •

Salesforce.Com: Creative Accounting Or Conservative Accounting?
Editors’ Pick Thu, Apr. 14 •

Square: Does This Potential Hyper Growth Story Have Some Real Substance And A Path To Profitability?
Wed, Apr. 13 •
F5 Networks: Can Growth Restart?
Mon, Apr. 11 •

Rackspace: Time To Achieve A Successful Transition?
Editors’ Pick Fri, Apr. 8

Google Cloud: Third Horse In A 3-Horse Race
Wed, Apr. 6 •

Microsoft: Outside Of Windows, It Has Actually Become A Growth Story On A Stealth Basis
Editors’ Pick Mon, Apr. 4 •

Amazon Web Services: Not Many Dents In That Armor
Editors’ Pick Fri, Apr. 1 •

Arista: Technology And Management, A Winning Combination In Cloud Data Centers
Wed, Mar. 30 •

Qlik/Tableau: Be Careful What You Wish For
Tue, Mar. 29 •

Splunk: Is The Share Price Outrageous?
Mon, Mar. 28 •

Fortinet: Compelling Valuation Based On Some Broad Misconceptions
Fri, Mar. 25 •

Cisco: Financial Machine Or Growth Engine?
Tue, Mar. 22 •

Workday: An Oracle Slayer Or An Also-Ran Competitor?
Mon, Mar. 21 •

Adobe: Very Little Between The Company And The Goal Line
Editors’ Pick Fri, Mar. 18 •

Oracle: Rhetoric Does Not Equal Recovery
Wed, Mar. 16 •

ServiceNow: Inflection Points Are Hard To Call
Editors’ Pick Tue, Mar. 15 •

Box: Can The Company Convert A Great Idea Into A Viable Technology Franchise?
Editors’ Pick Mon, Mar. 14 •

Demandware: Extreme Valuation Or Extreme Value
Fri, Mar. 11 •

HP Enterprise: Is It An Unloved Junkyard Or An Underappreciated Treasure Trove?
Editors’ Pick Tue, Mar. 8 •

Why You Shouldn’t Click On Qlik
Mon, Mar. 7 •

Symantec And Check Point: The Value Cohort Of The Enterprise Security Space
Editors’ Pick Fri, Mar. 4 •

Guidewire: It Has Built A Better Mousetrap, And The Property/Casualty Insurers Are Coming
Editors’ Pick Wed, Mar. 2 •

Investing In The Network Security Space: Palo Alto, Fortinet And Their Less Enabled Competitors
Wed, Mar. 2 •

Aspen Technolgy: The IT Company That Is Tied To The Price Of Oil
Editors’ Pick Mon, Feb. 29 •

Pegasystems: The Quiet Little Engine That Can
Sun, Feb. 28 •

Adobe: A Modest Creek In California That Is Becoming A Mighty River!
Fri, Feb. 26 •

Salesforce.Com: Probably Serving The Coldest Beer On The Planet These Days
Thu, Feb. 25 •

NetApp: The Transition Story Continues
Tue, Feb. 23 •

Cerner: The Strange Case Of The (Not) Disappearing Growth Rate
Editors’ Pick Mon, Feb. 22 •

IBM: A New Morgan Stanley Recommendation Based On Exceptionally Tenuous Logic
Editors’ Pick Fri, Feb. 19 •

Guidewire: Still A Shooting Star But Its Valuation Is A Bit Closer To Planet Earth
Editors’ Pick Thu, Feb. 18 •

Virtusa: A Very Dusty Quarter That Hides An Extraordinary Valuation
Tue, Feb. 16 •

LogMeIn: Is History Repeating Itself With Regard To Guidance?
Editors’ Pick Fri, Feb. 12 •

Open Text - An Outstanding Vision In Conservative Clothing
Thu, Feb. 11 •

Nuance: The Upside Beat Continues
Editors’ Pick Wed, Feb. 10 •

Cognizant: Under Pressure
Tue, Feb. 9 •

Microstrategy: Has The Enfant Terrible Of The Software World Finally Matured?
Editors’ Pick Mon, Feb. 8 •

Tableau: Forensic Analysis Of A Disaster
Mon, Feb. 8 •

Teradata: Has Light Been Seen At The End Of The Tunnel?
Editors’ Pick Sun, Feb. 7 •

Salesforce.Com: Jump On The Rumor-Inspired Dip
Tue, Feb. 2 •

CommVault: Taking Advantage Of Its Competitors’ Misfortunes
Thu, Jan. 28 •

IBM: Far Less Than Meets The Eye
Wed, Jan. 27 •

PTC Inc. - The Old Gray Mare Is More Than What It Used To Be
Mon, Jan. 25 •

CommVault - Is It Worth Trying To Catch The Falling Knife?
Fri, Jan. 22 •

SAP: Taking Market Share At An Accelerating Pace From To Oracle
Editors’ Pick Tue, Jan. 19 •

LogMeIn: A Lesser-Known, Small-Cap Value Story Now On Sale
Editors’ Pick Fri, Jan. 15 •

Cognizant: Does A 20% Share Price Pullback Create A Good Entry Point?
Tue, Jan. 12 •

Pegasystems: A Somewhat Neglected And Undervalued Component Of The CRM Space
Wed, Jan. 6 •

Salesforce.Com: My Best Large Cap Idea For 2016
Sun, Jan. 3 •

Nuance: The Company Is Reaching A Growth Inflection Point
Dec. 29, 2015 •

Open Text: Can A Hybrid Plodder Become A Thoroughbred Racer?
Dec. 22, 2015 •

Oracle: A Chimera Or The Real Deal
Dec. 17, 2015 •




I noticed in his write up at the seeking alpha page that he has been convicted of fund misappropriation in his previous job at a hedge fund.

What are your feelings on this. I also find his write-ups to be excellent, but am a little conflicted as to the possibility of hidden agendas.

From his bio

"Bert Hochfeld is a convicted felon and former hedge fund manager. He was convicted of mis-appropriating funds from his hedge fund in 2012. "


I noticed in his write up at the seeking alpha page that he has been convicted of fund misappropriation in his previous job at a hedge fund.

Hi, mess777, It was actually running “his” hedge fund, not a job at one, and he is certainly out front about it. It takes guts to put that first in your biography.

I also find his write-ups to be excellent, but am a little conflicted as to the possibility of hidden agendas.

I agree that his write-ups are truly excellent. My feelings are that he has to be cleaner than God, given the past history. As far hidden agendas, as he writes on a different company every day, it would be pretty hard to have a hidden agenda. Also, as you have noticed, his write-ups are extraordinary in that he’s not a pumper or a basher, but makes it clear what he doesn’t know, and writes very balanced evaluations.

Actually, I have more faith in his evaluations than in any others that I read. That may be a mistake, but that’s the way it is. That doesn’t mean that I expect him to always be right. No one is. Just that I expect his evals to be well thought out, balanced, to reflect his long experience in the industry, and to be…well, sensible!