We have all been here before…what goes up, always comes down. The art is getting in early and getting out with a profit. Normally I am always optimistic, but concerned that if Apple on Nov 1st does not beat left front and center, or rather has what some consider to be a poor quarter showing a slow down in certain areas, it’s really going to take our tech stocks down with it. I hope I’m wrong. MSFT had a good quarter, not that you would notice. So keep some powder dry but as Saul mentioned a few years of put aside living expenses should see most of us through this…

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I thought AMZN and NFLX both had great quarters but you couldn’t tell based on price action lately. So I agree with you. No matter what AAPL does the market is going to find that one thing they don’t like and magnify that. It’s almost as if the market is looking for reasons to sell, rather than reasons to buy, right now.