Getting crucified today. So brought a trading block which I will hold for what I trust will be a 20 point gain sometime this year and use that profit to offset losses on other SaaS stocks that have been hammered. Will it work, who knows? Did the same a few months ago and that worked out well. Patience grasshopper. Methinks day traders are having a field day, not for me anymore, too stressful.

This too shall pass. It always does but this time it might take a bit longer.


Is Apple in trouble?

Likely to be a major risk?

Is their market share taking a direct hit?

Running out of money?

No, no, no, and no?

Buy now***, avoid the rush.

Today? MIGHT not be the bottom, but Apple is NOT going away. It’s not.

(***Buy SOME more now; might be headed lower, get even more at a lower price. That is NOT the issue. The name of the game is NOT “if I wait can I get it for an even lower price?”, but, do I have to worry about my money invested in AAPL? Risk = 0.01%)

The most amazing part of the story is that there are “wise” financial advisors who get paid green money to advise clients to sell. They are nuts. People who pay them are nuttier.


I’ve heard more talk of “peak iPhone” lately, but that’s why Apple has been expanding their services category. Plus, there’s the expected “iWorld”(*) augmented reality head set product category to look forward to. And Apple now has much less of an Intel tax after abandoning the Intel CPUs in all their PCs. I think Apple might still use some lesser Intel chips, like for Wi-Fi, etc.

(*) I made that up. Other equally made up names are iGlasses, iView, etc.

I hit the switch today. ‘Found’ some cash in selling GNRC position, put it all into Apple.

FWIW: Useful note, in today’s sea of red, AAPL alone was flat, NO change, out of the entire port.

There were eight, now down to seven, with AAPL now in the #2 spot. (Right behind #1 NVDA)