ABMD prelim numbers.

“Abiomed (ABMD -1.5%) reports preliminary Q3 2019 revenue of ~$200.6M, an increase of 30% over Q3 2018 revenue of $154M.

U.S. Impella product revenue grew 27% to ~$165.7M.

Outside the U.S., Impella product revenue totaled $27.5M.

The company is raising its FY 2019 revenue guidance to ~$780M, from a range of $765M to $770M.

The company will release full Q3 2019 results via conference call at 8:00 a.m. EST on January 31.”



If I’m interpreting these numbers right, this is a softening in YoY growth rate from 34.3% YoY growth rate in Q317 to 30.0% in Q319. However, assuming their ~780M guidance is correct, their FY2019 growth rate will be 35.4% compared to 33.3% in FY2018. If this is true, sounds like a bit of a punt on expected revenue to Q4.

If right, seems more fitting for the earnings report as opposed to a pre-announcement.

Hi All,

ABMD is presenting at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference later this afternoon, so they may be sharing some financial info. Otherwise it does not make much sense as it was not announcing some huge miss or anything out of the ordinary.


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Agreed. International is growing at 59% yoy which is the more exciting number to me.