$ABMD still cranking

Don’t know if anyone here still owns this winner, but it has been doing quite well.

It is still growing strong and has a good chart base if you are into that kind of thing

The Medical-Products industry group has been a strong performer in 2017, driven higher by IBD Sector Leader Abiomed and groupmate Align Technology (ALGN) — the maker of Invisalign invisible orthodontic gear. Currently, the group is ranked No. 30 out of 197.

According to the IBD Stock Checkup, Abiomed sports a 98 EPS Rating out of a highest-possible 99. Contributing to that rating is the most recent quarterly results that saw year-over-year earnings growth surge 120%. Revenue rose 29% vs. the year-ago period.

Meanwhile, its last three quarters of earnings increases show an average of 80%.

Looking forward, analysts expect the artificial heart maker’s earnings to rise 97% in fiscal-year 2018 with a 10% gain in fiscal-year 2019.

After an over-58% move from a 126.49 entry in a sound cup with handle and an April 24 breakout, Abiomed is finally in the midst of a new base. Yet, the current consolidation is only about four weeks long. A good flat base requires at least five weeks without a new high to be considered proper.

Should the current consolidation continue for a fifth week, a flat base would form with a 200.38 buy point.

Also note it has had a very good, run and this is a later stage base, so considered riskier. You would look for very strong volume on the break out to give you confidence the big boys were committed.

Off topic, I am noticing some rotation during this tax bill run up. I see stocks like CAT breaking out and VALE today and FANG today. Banks and brokerages have broken out recently and doing well. that is, I would not be surprised if institutions are moving out of big gainers like these and moving to the next thing. That is not the style of this board and I am not suggesting it, just that if you still like ABMD and want to add more on a technical break out, make sure the volume is at least 40% above the moving average.

It is ranked #3 in its stock group behind ALGN and INGN (Inogen)
Composite Rating 96 Pass
EPS Rating 98 Pass
RS Rating 93 Pass
Group RS Rating A- Pass
SMR Rating A Pass
Acc/Dis Rating D Pass (but weak, look for improved accumulation before a breakout buy)



Abiomed (ABMD) has been in my top 10 list (% growth all year). It’s a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

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Don’t know if anyone here still owns this winner, but it has been doing quite well.

I sold my HG recommended Movadao shares in July 2015 with a note “Nobody wants a $1000 watch” and used the proceeds to buy ABMD with the note “Sauls board; Innovative Heart pumps”. I nibbled a few more shares at various times since then. I only wish I had bought more

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ABMD is still in my top 3 or 4 – I started buying tranches in the $70-$73 range and added a little more in the $101 area, then held on and smiled. Kinda wish it would have kept going above $200, but can’t complain about any 150%+ gain.

Actually just checked – by % of portfolio, ABMD is actually #2 in size for me, behind NVDA (which I started buying at just $19.25… talk about lucky!).

ATVI was #2 and SKX was #3 a week ago, and today they’re reversed. ATVI has dropped a little and SKX has gained nicely in the last month.

Thanks for the plug – I think this was a missed gem for lots of investors among many other good choices out there and glad I picked up on it when I did.


Don’t know if anyone here still owns this winner, but it has been doing quite well.


Uh-oh … I just bought in at the end of November. Is the party over?! I didn’t get the memo.

:slight_smile: Dan