AMBD chart chat

Yep, we should not care about this, but I like to add it in to the thought process, anyway, today’s chat comes from IBD, the invement daily that focuses on growth stocks with “good fundamentals” and emphasizes buying “right” and cutting losses. Buying “right” means when the stock is breaking out of a (proper) consolidation or base on strong volume. This article indicates ABMD is ready to break out of a cup-shaped base……

biomed (NASDAQ:ABMD), a maker of heart pumps, is nearing a buy point after climbing back above its 10-week moving average. The stock is climbing the right side of a cup-type base with a potential buy point at 77. However, it could still add a handle to the pattern, which would yield a lower buy point.

Abiomed boasts a Composite Rating of 98, indicating it’s in the top 2% of all stocks based on metrics such as earnings growth and relative price strength. Its Earnings Per Share Rating is a best-possible 99, reflecting three straight quarters of triple-digit earnings growth. Meanwhile, sales growth has been on the upswing amid rising demand for the company’s flagship Impella line of heart pumps.
…On June 29, the Justice Department said it ended an investigation into marketing practices for its Impella 2.5 pump without taking any enforcement action.

It is good to see institutional funds supporting the price for us little guys. If we see the elephants coming or going, we can act faster…

Abiomed has enjoyed four quarters of rising fund ownership. The Primecap Odyssey Growth Fund , rated A+, has had a stake in the company going back to at least 2008.

FYI, there is quite a bit of overlap between IBD, MF Stock Advisor and Saul :wink:
If you are and IBD investor you buy at $77 if there is strong volume and a good move past the point (but not more than 5% above that price).

If you are an MFSA investor you buy when the recommend it.

If you are a Saul investor, you buy it when he buys it :wink: