About Germany and that 2% defense spending

This reminds of a certain Peanuts cartoon about kicking the football.

From February 2022:

From December 2022:

From March 2023:

From August 2023:



Not too surprising. Germany is still recovering from the economic impact of Covid and now Ukraine increases the need for military spending while increased energy costs slow the economy.

A thorny rock and a hard place. Some adjustments expected and necessary.


The little I have heard on NPR about the German situation(s) Scholz is the wrong man in the wrong job. He is not forming a capital policy on the conservative side of things. He wont last. JMO

Let’s have Germany take one for team capitalism.

Remember we spent a lot on defense with supply side econ. We just spent a lot less on industrial infrastructure. We called ourselves successful because anyone who lied to us let us forget things sucked for most Americans.

Germany will need a military industrial complex to survive economically.