Ad blocking with the latest IOS releases

Since the recent IOS 17 and iPadOS 16.7, I have noticed a large increase in the number of ads I see.
Typically, IOS has been relatively clean and not needing third-party ad-blockers for Safari.
Since the latest updates, I see flashing, moving ads everywhere to the point that some European news sites like BBC are almost unusable. I sometimes just give up and move to my PC which doesn’t have the problem. I use Adblock Plus there, but the IOS version doesn’t seem effective at all.

Anyone else notice this?


I’m Android myself, but how about the AdBlock Browser?

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An iPhone 11 Pro Max here, iOS 17, didn’t make any difference for me, but I don’t use the browser for much, other than maybe Wordle or news followup… An the desktop (Mac Mini), also AdGuard keeps it under control… Nothing on the iPhone…

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