Ad proliferation on IOS

It seems to me that ads on iPhone and Ipad have been increasing recently and none of the adblockers seem to affect them.
On my windows laptop I see very few ads (AdBlock+) but no similar results in the Apple world. I upgraded my iPad recently because the 8 year old one wouldn’t update to IOS 17 and battery life was poor.
The new one has the latest updates but ads are horrible. I might have to use a different browser than safari and quit using apps entirely. I assume ads within apps are not affected by adblockers unless they just open a web page.


You are comparing apple and oranges. Unless I have misread, you are comparing a cell phone to a computer. I find Adblock+ works reasonably in our MacOS devices.

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AdBlock has their own browser.

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So it does, but it’s only available for Android from I can see:

Not the cell but the iPad.
I think the cell serves up fewer ads (less space to display them) or at least less obtrusive.

Try downloading the Ghostery private browser app for IOS or their extension for Chrome. Don’t know how effective it is with Safari.

iPads, iPhones share the same iOS version if the same vintage, generally closely tracked bu WatchOS & TVOS systems to keep them all able to sync, shared iCloud access, etc…

I’ve not seen any boost in ads on my iPhone, my iPad is ages older…

Firefox is an alternate browser for iOS or Mac OS, has many options if Safari isn’t working out…

What us AdBlock? A browser? An app? (if yes for what Operating System)

The AdBlcok+ I spoke of is an extension for Safari on my Mac computer with MacOS.

AdBlock actually has a full browser - not just an extension. See my post above. But it’s only available for Android. On iOS, there’s only the extension. At least so far.

I have Firefox on my iPhone. It has the same bookmarks as my Windows version, and seems to keep ads under control.

I also have Safari, which us the default and gets opened when I follow a link in somewhere like an email. Chrome is there, though I don’t really use it directly much. Most of my iOs browsing starts and stays with the Google app, which I assume is pretty much Chrome. Oh, and also the DuckDuckGo browser, use least of all.


I use the Adblock Plus app on my iPhone and rarely see ads while browsing with Safari.

The real issue is the ads within apps. I’d love to be able to block those.

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