Added Cost of Cruising…

Passengers who tested positive for the coronavirus or who were exposed were isolating in Seattle hotels. Some told local news outlet KING 5 that more than 100 people tested positive on the Carnival ship. Lupoli did not specify how many cases the ship recorded, and the department for Public Health — Seattle & King County did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the number.

“Normally guests are responsible for quarantine costs, but because so many of our guests were far from home, we made the hotel arrangements and have offered to share the cost of their lodging while they remain in Seattle to complete their five-day quarantine,” Lupoli continued.

I wonder what “share” means? 50% of hotel and meals? And what about the cost of making a change to an airline ticket for the ride home?

Good to see that Washington State is taking this seriously. No doubt the passengers would be released to the wild in Texas and Florida.