Fun on a Cruise - not

Frank Rebelo lined up the upgrades well before he boarded his Caribbean cruise: the dining package that would let him eat at high-end restaurants, the beverage package that would keep the drinks flowing. But after contracting covid-19 and isolating in a designated cabin, he had to order off the room service menu: turkey sandwich, pizza, burgers and three choices for dessert.…

Even worse stories about cruise nightmares in the article.


It’s behind a paywall. Was he vaccinated? If not, no sympathy. If so, then that sucks (but he probably scheduled it too soon…I’m not sure if we’re going this fall yet).

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If he was confined to cabin did he get a refund on the extras?

Was he vaccinated? If not, no sympathy. - 1PG

It seems like a crap shoot to attempt a cruise under current rules.

You can still contract Covid even after being vaccinated and boosted.

If you test positive, you can quarantine for 5 or 10 days (whatever the CDC is saying on any given day) but still test positive for a week or two after that.

You may have come into contact with somebody with Covid two or three days before sailing but the viral load hasn’t built up enough to test positive until after setting sail.

You were absolutely clean when you sailed but contracted Covid from a fellow passenger on the ship or from a local on a shore excursion.

False positives.

It seems like despite your diligence and best planning, you could still easily end up setting out your cruise in your stateroom like a leper. Crap Shoot.


“It’s like the cruise line didn’t know what to do. It’s like they didn’t expect anyone to test positive “

“For dinner they brought me a box of rice, a hard boiled egg and a spoonful of corned beef hash…”

“They left my dinner in the hallway while they were spraying chemicals. I decided to eat my pop tarts”

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“It’s like the cruise line didn’t know what to do. It’s like they didn’t expect anyone to test positive “

Their strategy was apparently based on the idea they could keep Covid off the ship by requiring vaccinations or by testing. They did not anticipate delayed positives who might test negative but turn positive a few days later.

Apparently they lacked a backup plan (or at least an acceptable backup plan) once Covid cases were found on the ship.

I suppose confining all passengers to their cabins would be most effective in minimizing spread. But others point out the problem of contaminated air circulation. Plus protecting from spread by crew or food etc may be less than perfect.

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