Adding SAR to HA Smoothie

This evening, a friend pitched MUR to me. A quick chart said I was late to the trade. Though not by much, I wasn’t inclined to chase. But as I looked at what would have been my earlier entry on 1/11, I also saw that I would have been kicked out on 1/23, only to have had to get back in 1/25. “Whipsaws are going to happen”, I said. “Just part of the game.”


Then I added PARTP to the chart. If those signals had been taken, I’d have been out a day earlier and back in a day earlier. Still whipsawed. But out and then back in more advantageously.


For sure, PARTP sometimes leaves money on the table. But what it also seems to do --of far more importance to me-- is minimize risk.

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You must have been talking to a touter or the person got bum information.

It apears that as in horse racing analogy, the race is already around the furst turn. What happens if the horse fell down.

I would have told your friend that I would be losing money when we should have bought MUR . . . .

. . . . . .Okay grasshoppers where is the Starting Gate that Arindam would have bought MUR and made about 10 bux per share more.

Simon Sez don’t buy any stock unlesss you check the charts position first before ever buying. Grace period is 2 days.

I have seen piped pipers tout stocks way late out of the Gate and or buying at or near the high or selling a stock late way past the finish line. Gate is the price one-day after the price label.

you can click on the chart one or two times to see the big picture.
My new student didn’t understand the High and Low-price labels, so I tapped him on the head saying this is the High and pointed to his lower back saying this is the low. So, Simon Sez to the new student, point to the high and then point to the Low several times. He points to his head instead of the high price label on the chart. Grasshoppers can be silly at times.

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Now let’s see what HASmoothie sez to do.

Okay Grasshoppers when should Arindam have bought MUR not counting on bum information since Jan 01/06/23.

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I would have bought it Jan 9th, that is the day after the smiley face.