Getting Things Back on Track


I’m willing to slug it out verbally with anyone, and know I’ll “win” the debate, because I don’t make claims I can’t prove. But that doesn’t do any of us any good in the long run. So let’s agree to get back to the purpose of this forum and try to figure out how to make sense of the present market.

Here’s a chart you might consider. It’s what Quill would call an “at-the gate” stock.

Here’s a quick summary of its fundamentals.

Ammo also has a preferred stock you might consider, and, as always, do your own due diligence.



Follow up: I posted that chart for POWW at 8:08 Western time. Its price then was $1.61. Now it’s $1.74. Had you scrambled and put on a postion, you’d now be up 8.07% percent, which beats anything Quill has ever done for you in real time.

Now come some realities:

#1, Stock tips should NEVER be acted on blindly.
#2, If POWW hadn’t already been a part of your watch lists, then what the stock did or didn’t do just now is totally irrelevant to your own investing/trading plan.
#3, I’m a crap stock trader who made a lucky guess THIS TIME and whose tips should ALWAYS be ignored in favor of one’s own tested, trusted methods.

Seriously, folks. Never, ever let yourself get sucked into the woulda/coulda/shoulda game of envying someone else’s results. Anyone who claims they never have trading losses --or who tries to dismiss them as easily ignored “headfakes”-- is lying to you. Losses happen, just as do occasional fat wins. The trick is to try to keep things in balance so that --on average and over the long haul-- one’s own investing/trading goals are reached without undue stress or grief. Right now, markets are in a turmoil, and it’s no time to be making big bets on anything.


Follow-up on POWW. Here’s a chart, and it suggests weakness.

Here’s a different chart that makes the same point.

Ignore the fancy lines and splashes of color. Pay attention to just a single fact, the shape of today’s price bar (i.e., a Doji). That’s all you need to know that buyers and sellers are at a standstill, a standstill that’s confirmed by weak volume (signaled by the Force Indicator beginning to roll over).

So, here’s my prediction. Monday will see POWW retrace. Therefore, one’s game plan could be --but not necessarily should be– this. If long and small, sit tight. If long and large, trim. If not yet long, wait for prices to retrace to support and then enter with a prudently sized position.

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POWW’s chart continues to show weakness. It didn’t retrace today, though I expected it would have. But neither did it gain, and it closed today where it closed Friday. So, definitely, it’s in a stall. But I’m ITM on the position and content to sit tight for now.

JOAN --another bottom-fishing play for me that I opened Friday-- eeked out a small profit today over Friday’s close. JOANN’s fundamentals are weak. But I like the store, and I made good money trading the stock when the company IPO’d a year or so ago at $12. Buying shares now amounts to “cheerleading” rather than serious investing. So my position is small.

Based on a post done by Doc over on the retirement board, I opened four positions Friday on some high yld divvies that did well today: up 0.54%, 1.82%, 2.09% and 3.18%, resp. Mind you, those are one-day gains, or about a gazillion percent annualized, which is sheer nonsense, of course. But I’m happy that the market goddess confirmed that my entries were correct, every one of them, which is as much dumb luck as it is a consequence of proper due-diligence and shrewd timing.

In other matters, at today’s action, the 13-week offered 5.409% and the 26-week about the same.