Advertising Post Lock-down

I hesitated to post this brilliant article, primarily because I wholeheartedly agree with its premise regarding ignoring the noise and rebooting your life after lock-down into something truly meaningful. Nevertheless, I also found myself struck by the certainty of the advertising blitz forthcoming and found this completely changed my mind from concern over whether companies would even have the capacity to advertise in this economy, to darn near impossibility that they wouldn’t. This will almost certainly bode well for TTD, ROKU, FB, GOOG, TLRA/RUBI.

Pretty soon, as the country begins to figure out how we “open back up” and move forward, very powerful forces will try to convince us all to get back to normal. That never happened. What are you talking about? Billions of dollars will be spent in advertising, messaging, and television and media content to make you feel comfortable again. It will come in the traditional forms — a billboard here, a hundred commercials there — and in new-media forms — a 2020–2021 generation of memes to remind you that what you want again is normalcy. In truth, you want the feeling of normalcy, and we all want it. We want desperately to feel good again, to get back to the routines of life, to not lie in bed at night wondering how we’re going to afford our rent and bills, to not wake to an endless scroll of human tragedy on our phones, to have a cup of perfectly brewed coffee and simply leave the house for work. The need for comfort will be real, and it will be strong. And every brand in America will come to your rescue, dear consumer, to help take away that darkness and get life back to the way it was before the crisis. I urge you to be well aware of what is coming.