AEYE Announcement

Global Biotechnology and Mobile Telecommunication Companies Tap AudioEye for Patented Audio Technology
Two Globally Recognized Brands Contract With AudioEye Driving Record Q3 Revenues and Highly Anticipated Adoption of Audio Internet(R) Technology

The link to the announcement:…

two quotes from the news release:

AudioEye anticipates that the relationships will drive significant cash revenues and product innovations currently and into the future.

These agreements should significantly accelerate the adoption of our Audio Internet services by others. We’re making better than expected progress in the commercial field. These agreements and projects upon completion will allow AudioEye to acquire new customers across industries that are target rich and among the fastest growing within our global economy. We’re turning heads and our team is focused on capitalizing on these opportunities to the maximum potential. Our progress within state, local and federal contracts combined with these new contracts makes for an exciting mix of opportunities currently being addressed…




You win Quick-Draw! Reads like more huge potential. We shall see.

This is gonna be like watching a great tennis rally, turning our heads back and forth, up and down. I’m hoping for an overhead smash on championship point by AEYE!


After selling all of my shares when the Q2 non-cash revenue number was first announced, I had bought back into a smaller position a couple weeks ago when they started announcing cash sales. Today I added to my position some more in the low 50c’s.

I’d still say that the odds of losing all of my investment in AEYE is very high, but the potential gains could be huge if they get some real traction on the cash sales.

It’s interesting how quietly they snuck in the word “record” in the headline, telling us that they had record Q3 revenue. However, it’s possible that they didn’t mean that it’s the highest quarterly revenue ever (beating Q2’s $3m revenue), but instead it may mean that it’s a record third quarter (meaning the highest Q3 they’ve ever had, topping last year’s $344k Q3)

Regardless, I would bet that Q3 2014’s book revenue number will top the $3m from Q2, yet I still expect a very large portion of that to be of the non-cash variety. Although they have explicitly announced that several of their Q3 contracts were cash sales, I have a feeling the majority of Q3 will be non-cash.

Should be about 5 weeks until they announce the Q3 results in early November. The thing I would want most of all would be some information about what licenses or other intangible assets they have received in exchange for the non-cash sales in recent quarters. I don’t expect they will provide the details, but that would be really good to know.