AEYE signs contract

AEYE signed a contract with a unit of PearTrack. AEYE will license its technology to be integrated into PearTrack’s mobile assets monitoring/tracking applications.

According to the press release, it seems that this is a complete new application of AEYE’s technology. Until now, my understanding is that AEYE’s technology will convert text to audio and play it back to a user. Now this press release says that with AEYE’s technology, clients or end users can have an interactive dialogue. I thought that is NUAN’s lunch and now AEYE is eating?

… Through its collaboration with AudioEye, these applications will become audio-enabled, allowing users to both interact with and administer PearTrack’s proprietary software. The applications will have an interactive dialogue directly with PearTrack end-users and provide voice-driven feedback to data administrators. PearTrack’s technology is deployed in environments where eyes-free and hands-free data management can make the related jobsites and assets safer and ultimately more productive and secure.

PearTrack CEO, Bill Withrow, stated, “Voice technology powered by AudioEye’s platform will allow us to create groundbreaking new efficiencies and long-sought-after data, security and voice integration. We believe the benefits that our customers, end-users and other stakeholders derive from AudioEye’s voice technology will significantly influence our future growth, deal flow and market capture. When a vending machine can talk to the consumer, many benefits are derived, and efficient use of PearTrack tracking systems in combination with AudioEye’s technology should unlock new revenue streams. This innovation opens the door to exciting immediate and future new business opportunities.”…

This is significant in AEYE’s future.


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Some info about PearTrack (from their website):

"PearTrack Systems was formed by the original founders of Minorplanet Ltd which was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 1997. Minorplanet Systems PLC went on to become one of the principal GPS tracking companies in the World and to this day is regarded by many as the market leader in Vehicle tracking systems with many thousands of units operating globally.

The GPS vehicle tracking industry grew rapidly in the early nineties and the PearTrack Systems team were indeed pioneers, being instrumental in the development of the systems from which many modern GPS tracking systems are still based.

The PearTrack systems team have been developing ‘best of class’ Remote Asset Monitoring and products for over 15 years, and manufacture their products in the UK to ISO9001:2000 standards, and rigorously test each unit before it leaves the factory.

As a world leader in Long-life Battery Powered Asset Monitoring and GPS Tracking systems, we are continuously developing and evolving our systems and product base, with the benefits of this commitment being passed directly to our customers.

The new PT-1000 Container Monitoring and Tracking unit for example, has an outstanding battery life of up to 10 years, most competitors struggle to achieve a fraction of this. PearTrack also provide 3, 5 and 7 year primary cell units where installation space is of a premium, as well as 30 and 90-day rechargeable units for temporary tracking use.

PearTrack are a private company without borrowings or venture capital funding, which means that we run our business how we want to run it; for the benefit of the product range as determined by our customers. With our extensive development facilities and multi disciplined skill base, we are able to adapt existing products, and produce custom designs tailored to specific client needs."