Just a note…
Seems like our “100% loss or 1000% return” superball stock is fixated on the former rather than loving the latter.
Keep on Keeping On,

KLVanLiew, what’s your thesis for AEYE? I mean it’s been what, 2 months since you bought it? :wink:


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As stated, just a note. Thesis still in “DRAFT” form. Yes, only been a few months and still watching it play out.

Not lots of news. Yet, the news/press releases out there recently are seemingly good; “cash contracts” signed (which those with greater knowledge than I here on this board have puzzled over), Times Publishing, and UC Merced adoption. Volume well above averages in the past few days. People buying lots on the cheap or selling out to save face? Next couple quarter’s reports will be interesting. Cash/Earnings positive?!?! I would love to see continued adoption. Need to see actual results with bottom line money and EPS.

As mentioned small fry flier that could “be the one!” This rocket ship will certainly either reach Mars or crash and burn! Either way, the ride will be interesting.

Pretty sketchy thesis. Might not not even earn a passing grade. Give me your ‘A’ paper write-up.

Contentedly ;),