Affirmative action is alive and well


Didn’t I read somewhere that a suit has been started against a university for it’s policy of enrolling “legacies” in preference to more capable students?

We had an interesting thread recently about college enrollment trends in Michigan, where the big two show gains, and the second tier universities are seeing large drops in enrollment. U of M includes a lot of fuzzy nonsense in it’s admissions decisions.

We value the whole record — excellent grades in rigorous courses, top ACT/SAT scores if provided, participation in extracurricular activities, professional arts training, and evidence of leadership, awards, and service.

All the “extracurricular activities, arts training, awards, and service” can be beyond the means of someone who needs to work after school, or does not have any transportation to engage in anything, but that will be held against them.



I believe it was a complaint that was filed. My guess is that it is the first step in filing a suit it it is not resolved at the complaint stage.

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Not getting into Harvard does not mean anything was held against anyone. There are not that many slots.

NPR this evening last year far fewer visas for college were issued. Something like 35% fewer.

Did the story mention if it was a 35% drop in the number of student visa requests or just the number issued that was down?

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This article from 2021 mentions one possible explanation:

And 70% of international students on American campuses are from Asia. The recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes have made some of them reconsider their futures in the U.S.

It probably doesn’t help matters that the two Navy personnel recently charged with spying for China appear to have Chinese names.


Student visas…down 35%…do I have twenty yet?