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So the court is allowing for gender, sexual orientation, disability, location, religion, you name it and name it and name it. Colleges can consider it all but not race.

As if society is blind? As if society does not use browner people placing them at a disadvantage to advantage lighter people. This decision was motivated exactly by that.


“Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it.”



Please explain that? All of what?

Are you watching Fox again? We should take your TV away.

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Oh I get it! Tucker Carlson said if we eliminate Race as a college entry factor there wont be racism in America? Am I right? Is that how this works?

Do you actually believe that shiney? It is ken’d up!


Racial discrimination.

The quote was from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.



It gets rid of protecting the group by law. It does not get rid of racial discrimination.

Roberts is just getting into being dumb for the sake of it. Harvard grads have their moments like the rest of us.

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Curiously, the more you end it, the more there seems to be:

Black undergraduate enrollment declined to 4 percent in 2021 from 7 percent in 2006, the brief said, even as the total percentage of college-age African Americans in Michigan increased to 19 percent from 16 percent. At the same time, Native American enrollment, once as high as 1 percent, dropped to 0.11 percent in 2021, the brief said.


The middle class and pale those decisions makers need cheap labor to serve them.

Don’t interrupt lazy lard behinds.

This is probably the right result - and what SCOTUS did was proceeded by liberal and moderate states already ending it.

While I support minorities getting a leg up, it does seem unfair for others to be pushed down to accomplish that, for no other reason than the fact that they have the wrong skin color.

With all the modern advances in AI, it would seem that college admissions can still find ways to select those from disadvantage backgrounds (as CA already does), without it being simply about skin color.

'Sides, if gender is fluid, why can’t “race” be (both are a social construct)? I am of mixed ancestry as probably many Americans are. Just how much African ancestry would I need to claim I was a minority? It makes no sense that a 5th generation Asian (who likely has family that suffered discrimination) is discriminated against in preference for someone with darker skin that may have just moved here - having experienced none of the legacy racial animosity AA was created to overcome.


Roberts realizes that. He just won’t say it out loud. This is all about not letting our colleges be as diverse as the general population. This ruling is, at its heart, discriminatory by nature. By design. On purpose. These are people who hate diversity.

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From the decision:

Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it. Accordingly, the Court has held that the Equal Protection Clause applies “without regard to any differences of race, of color, or of nationality”— it is “universal in [its] application.” [Yick Wo v. Hopkins] For “the guarantee of equal protection cannot mean one thing when applied to one individual and something else when applied to a person of another color.” [Regents of Univ. of Cal. v. Bakke]



So only women, gays, and the disabled should get a leg up? Or inherently only white males should give each other a leg up?

Going to college it is true for all of them to get a leg up.

You mean daddy’s money for legacy students?

The leg up is a perception shared by high school dropouts everywhere. But it is only believed for African Americans by white Americans…as if white Americans have not given themselves a lot of legs up.

ah all of it as in foreign students…thanks for the clarifications.

all of it does not include women, gays or the disabled. It does not include agism either.

Unfortunately, this decision does nothing to end racial discrimination, which Chief Justice Roberts chooses not see in our society (also see Voters Rights). Apparently, he does not see a corrupt Supreme Court either. Maybe he has Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? Just put a cloak over it and I can’t see it!

Affirmative action, as imperfect as it is, was an attempt to mitigate centuries of racial discrimination in our society.

We must continue to fight racial discrimination. Back to the drawing board.


LOL! You are trying to eat your cake and have it too.

You forget that we have systemic racism in this country because white skinned people have for centuries have been pushing down brown and black skinned people. But you seem to think that is OK, and you think we should not correct that by some reverse pushing down of white skinned people.

I disagree with you and the conservatives on the Supreme Court.


First off, stop being an arse and argue against my position instead of trying to build a strawman and thus attack me over it.

Second, you don’t overcome racism by inflicting racism on people that had nothing to do with those centuries of racism. Someone that is a decedent of the of people that survived the internment camps should not be discriminated against simply because they are Asian and their “race” has a history of being good students/college applicants.

You are welcome to disagree with me, that is what makes America great.


Let me guess. Whoever said that is a white guy who went to private schools his whole life.

How did I do?


Systemic racism means not just that the racism and racist policies were from our long dead ancestors. It has to do with the fact those policies are still in place and causing damage. And if we do nothing to fix that because “I didn’t do it, my dead ancestors did”. Well…


The other races as if there were any real such thing as race are not factored into college decisions on admissions.

I have worked closely years ago with a Chinese family whose daughter was going off to college. The family lived in terror that as a Chinese student there was some sort of quota system against Asians. There was rampant talk in the Chinese speaking community of quotas. No such thing exists. My sister in MIT HR Admissions knows this fully.

What is interesting the father and owner of the business dropped out of school in the third grade and was very bigoted. He put himself first in all matters. Even when there was no obstacle and the public in town was very supportive of his business. He would agree he did a lot of good in town. He did really no good in town. It was junk food.

No one is inflicting racism on anyone.

Look at this, the court was not asked to take up legacy students.

It is estimated that anywhere from 25 to 35% of admitted students at Ivy League schools come from a family with a legacy status. That’s a major thing for educational institutions that accept fewer than 10 percent of the students who apply.Aug 29, 2022

Harvard Asian students are 27.9%. That includes foreign students. That includes Indian students. African American students 15.2% does this mean white can not get in?

Well the legacy students are overwhelmingly white. But not necessarily merited compared to anyone else. The legacy group is not underprivileged. Roughly 40% of the students are white at Harvard.

The court is saying affirmative action is done. That does not mean taking African Americans is done or wont be given a spot. It just says the law is a behind.


If the policy could somehow actually identify people based on a documented history of family slavery or slave ownership, then that would be a policy for which I would have some support (devil in the details of course) but that is not what AA in college admissions has often become.

Instead, it often results in people like the following being discriminated against:

His parents came to the country from India and “started from scratch”, he said, so that he could achieve the American Dream.
He says he applied to 35 different schools, though Harvard was not one of them.

But, he says with a sigh: “I was rejected from all the Ivy League universities.”
However, during the oral arguments, Mr Blum’s group presented to the court a document from Harvard’s Office of Institutional Research that showed if they went off academics alone, nearly half of entrants would be Asian Americans.

I will remind the readers that, “A largely anonymous group of Asian Americans, as part of Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), brought the complaint.”

Can someone tell me why our sins of racism and slavery should be born by Asians?

Again, I fully support goals and aims of AA - just not the methods. I think we can get to a very similar end result if we simply try a little harder and not lazily use skin color as the determinant.


I just saw a lawyer from a group called 'Students for Fair Admissions" on TV who said they’re filing litigation to go after these popular admission preferences for wealthy whites.

  1. Being the son or daughter of an alumni.

  2. Being the son or daughter of a faculty member.

  3. Being an athlete, (or posing as one as we as we saw in the recent admissions scandal.)

  4. Being the son or daughter of a wealthy donor to the university.