AI gpu launch article

Microsoft (MSFT) could be involved in the AMD event, Wedbush suggested in its report, as the tech giant already announced that it will add AMD’s new chip to Azure, its cloud computing segment.3

Not only is in Azure but it’s already in the number one supercomputer in the world.

The new AI chip could allow AMD to better compete with Nvidia, with Jefferies analysts naming the two chipmakers as “top picks.”

Wedbush analysts have written that AMD could benefit from future growth driven by its present AI investments, while Nvidia “alone is likely to realize” a sales boost from an AI chip “over the intermediate term,” compared with its competing chip makers.

AMD shares dipped 0.3% yesterday so exciting news may move AMD…doc


Well, I would suggest that means Microsoft like what they are getting, that must include MI300. That’s a big plus. On the other hand it’s a David vs Goliath alliance. Time will tell.

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Seeking Alpha has a transcript of the entire event:

Fairly long read…