Microsoft Is Helping Finance AMD’s Expansion Into AI Chips

This sparked AMD’s share price increase today. Am not suprised, it’s very good news for AMD and a stramp of approval from an industry heavyweight.
Will be interesting to see if this is about graphics cards or better x86/x64 chips. Time will tell.


Is this confirmed? I had the impression that this was a false alarm – or at least there was at one point a report that AMD and MS were working more closely, maybe that AMD was actually working on MS’s in house AI chip, which was debunked.

It’s probably at least in part about a push to make AMD’s software stack for AI more robust.

An observation: MS almost missed the Internet/browser world, they did miss mobile devices. Social media was never a big thing for them either. I’m sure they are determined to not miss AI. Good for them.

A google search for “microsoft amd” reveals a few other stories :

and a paywalled one Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

No insight from me here, just initially read the Yahoo finance story.