Anyone know what to expect from this quarterly report?

Been thinking of getting in. Remember reading someone s long here and passionate about it.

Looking forward to earnings announcement s.

If you use charts to add buy points to your fundamental research, then ALRM is extended from its buy point and a recent add-on point from a 4-weeks tight pattern.

From a competitive point of view I think there is a low barrier to entry.

From a growth ratings point of view…
it has a COMP rating of 99 (better than 99% of other stocks)
it is #1 in its stock group.
98 EPS rating
RS 94
Accum/Dist rating B+
SMR rating of A.
3 year annual earnings growth rate of 73%
8 quarters of increasing fund ownership (nice)

Very strong.

Stocks ranked 2-5 in its group

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