This is an interesting company, I bought some shares back in March and so far I was not disappointed.

What they do Holdings, Inc. provides cloud-based software platform solutions for the smart homes and businesses in the United States and internationally. The company provides interactive security solutions to control and monitor their security systems, as well as connected security devices, including door locks, garage doors, and video cameras.

Looking at this from Saul’s preferred company values

  • growth - Adjusted Earnings - 120% YoY in the last Q
  • cash flow positive
  • recurring revenue - all subscriber based
  • just raised guidance in last call
  • moat, IMO very good, it’s not trivial to switch your home security system


  • GAAP P/E is at 180 right now. Adjusted P/E is in the 30-40 range though (I’ll need to look through the reports to make sure and to see what the adjustments are)
  • this is a security company, if they get widely hacked they’ll be shredded in the stock market

Overall a company well worth looking into!