All private records to be made public?

There can easily be a huge power disparity between employer and employee. And the power almost never falls in the side of the employee.

Yup. The “JC” says “you will work these hours for this pay. If you won’t, I’ll find someone who will”.

Hence, labor laws and labor unions, both of which attempt to equalize the power between the two parties to an employment contract.

But all that is needed to blow out the body of labor laws is an “originalist” SCOTUS demanding to be shown where the text of the Constitution explicitly gives that authority to the Federal government.

Then there are Social Security and Medicare. SS was challenged in the 1930s, on the basis that the Constitution did not give the government authority to set up an insurance program. iirc, SCOTUS upheld SS, claiming it was not “insurance” as there was no explicit connection between taxes paid and benefits received. The government collected FICA by it’s taxing power, and distributed the money by it’s spending power. That could be overturned.

Medicare is even more problematic, because the paperwork I receive from them explicitly says it is insurance.

And, because it would be the “unelected judges legislating from the bench” that would overturn SS and Medicare, the pols can all shrug and say “it wasn’t me that did it”.