All you need to know about the economy, right here

Sorry, I’m testing my new ClickBait© headline generator 2.0, and apparently it worked.

But for your trouble, this from today’s Wall Street Journal

Cater­pil­lar’s rev­enue surged 22% in the sec­ond quar­ter as de­mand for its con-struc­tion prod­ucts rose de­spite higher prices.

Oh, what the heck. This too:


Starbucks should certainly be at the leading edge of any changes. I never spend my own money there but occasionally get gift cards from various people. I went there on Monday and a cup of coffee cost nearly $4. Unfortunately, my card was $0.08 short so I guess I do spend a little of my money there - but I simply can’t fathom the desire to spend $4 (or much more) on coffee. When people start cutting back on expensive coffee, then we are likely in trouble.

So says the guy that apparently has no qualms about spending the same amount on a pretentious beer.


I want to know where you get a pretentious beer for $4!!! My tastes start in the $8 range at regular restaurants, never mind at fancier places…lol.


Ha! At home my friend, only at home.

Bought a Hacker-Pschorr six pack over the weekend. Been a long time since I had it and probably the first time at home. It was not nearly as good as I recalled. I hope it was just old. It used to be one of my favorites.

I also bought a six pack of Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and it was much better.


My family in Dublin and London in the commercial property industry watch in horror.

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In that case, your choices makes logical sense. If a fancy beer is $4 at home, and $9 at the bar, then the price ratio is 2.25:1. But the fancy coffee at stardunkbucks is $6.47 (it actually is $6.47 because I bought one for my daughter a few weeks ago there), and a buck at home, then the price ratio is over 6:1.

So basically, your price ratio sensitivity limit is somewhere between 2:25:1 and 6:1. :joy:


Talk about not belonging anywhere. I do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Here I sit in Starbucks surfing. The staff has not noticed yet. LOL