Alphabet beat but

Alphabet beat expectations but really there is not growth there.

The bigger thing with this younger tech people are getting laid off and trying startups. Ad revenue at Google was stronger than expected.

Intel reporters on the Thursday. Expect a loss. But it might still beat if the startups are buying more equipment.

My nephew in CS is seeing several of his MIT classmates in shock as they too are losing jobs.

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This reminds one of deferred maintenance on the railroads. When profits sag, cutting r&d spending is easy. Progress is slowed but effects are subtle. Not a problem as long as cuts are brief.

Intc is riding on the small startup boom.

I have a company plan with partners but we are waiting out most of the poorer times. We can wait.

Others will bankrupt as first movers.

Intel’s expectations were pretty low bar to beat. But that was a brutal quarter. They are in serious trouble and we will find out if they can transition successfully to being a foundry company or not. That is NOT going to be an easy pivot for a company like Intel. Arm just announced a deal with them. Let’s see how that turns out.

I would buy AMD. I would buy NVDA. But you gotta avoid INTC until the turn-around story has a few successful chapters in it.


Well god willing we will see what happens.

WSJ today reports Intel was hit by declining PC sales after Covid. They must be working on alternative revenue lines – such as foundry – but so far profits have not filled the gap.

AI and Nvidia seem to be doing well with graphics microprocessors. Intel must have gpus in development. How are they doing there?

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The head of that project just left the company
Curiously I cannot post any article link with his first name in it…TMF says his name is not allowed!
But you can search for his name and find numerous articles

search for: koduri leaves Intel


Intel is a distant third in GPU, behind Nvidia and AMD. And if they are third (maybe lower?) it would be primarily by selling the GPU bundled on the system-on-a-chip that includes the processor. The problem Intel has with GPU when it comes to AI is they don’t have a software stack to go along with it. And this is where Nvidia shines, even far above AMD in that respect. The software stack Nvidia has for AI and their GPU is untouchable. AMD is good for gaming, but Nvidia is good for gaming and great for AI.

Having said all that, I’m going to predict the entire AI industry is going to have a sock puppet moment in the 2-3 year time horizon.

Foundry is going to be a difficult pivot for a company that has Intel’s culture and approach to building chips.


I think AI is going to die a death of a thousand cuts.

Last year my sister loved Alexa. This year all the detail Alexa gives out my sister screams for Alexa to Shut The blank…up! Alexa is going to get the plug pulled.

If you think the only thing AI is good for is Alexa that tells me you have no idea how pervasive this is going to be. It will have its sock puppet moment. But just like the Internet, it will be big.

I dunno man. I asked the Bard about the Motely Fool message board. Sounded like a long timer wrote the response (although the response is out date):

Where money has been made in this way is applying AI to music trends. Basically looking over Billboard 100 hits for decades to see just how popular the melody is and then reusing the melody or the lyrics.

Tell me you don’t know where AI is being deployed without telling me you don’t know where AI is being deployed…



Music was doing it for the last three to five years. It is now problematic for the stars who were deep into it. They have no clue what would be popular if they did the composing themselves. Using melodies from the 1960s does not help them now.

AI and hit prediction is a (relatively) ancient thing:

for the end of episode Dobey Gillis/Maynard version.

Amazing how quickly everyone has confused AI with hit prediction and Turing Test scenarios having to do with pop arts. What an insanely ignorant and stupid culture we have become.

david fb

david fb


You can go back to 1962 fb when my parents arrived with the immigrant’s ear. It was the same thing then but now you have an ear for something different than what is currently presented.