INTC Reports - Some saying Chip Glut - I say BS

I don’t invest in Intel, but I seem to recall that some folks here have followed INTC in the past @Leap1

I’m posting here because the INTC board is dead and I think that the iconic brand of Intel and the chip industry as a whole are strategic US industries and have a macro impact.

It seems they are struggling to keep up with AMD and NVDA and just can’t seem to get out of their own way. Yesterday’s reports were called a “crime scene” by some analysts. It’s a real shame that Intel has not invested in being competitive. I don’t buy some analyst’s view that there is a glut in the chip market and that’s why Intel reported such dismal earnings. Will they end up being another Boeing?

==> How low will INTC go?


Being in the industry and knowing people at Intel (some of whom are being let go), INTC is in bad shape. If you are invested, cut your losses. They are a turn-around story based on fabs and custom designs. The once-leader in fabs severely lost their way with process technology, and they have never been a custom design house. This turn-around has low probability of success.


I say Intel lost their way a long time ago. They could have bought ARM Holdings real cheap. They missed the opportunity two or three times.

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I am still waiting for a bottom. Common sense.

AMD and NVDA generally no longer make their own chips. That goes for most chip designers. Intel in the foundry business needs the node technology to catch TSM.

Remember bad news is bad news if long. Bad news is good news if waiting to go long.

For financial reasons of my own if I invest in Intel it will be in the fourth quarter.

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Generally? NVDA has never made their own chips, ever. AMD spun off their FAB business more than a decade ago and have not made any of their own chips since then.

The only major US chip companies that have their own FABs are Intel, Micron (memory chips) and Texas Instruments, IIRC. There are probably a dozen or two smaller specialty chip companies with smaller older FABs