Alteryx - and a thought about Mongo

With all this obsessing about Mongo (that I also have engaged in), did anyone else notice that this week Alteryx (one of my two largest positions) blew through its previous all time close and finished well above it at over $69. Nice to see one of our favorites which seems uncontroversial. Twilio (my other largest position) also finished at an all-time weekly high close. How nice.:grinning:

I listened to all the smart people about Mongo, and then guessed that this was probably more of a bee sting than an existential threat, but I couldn’t be sure (I don’t have the tech knowledge to make a sensible decision), so I sold about a sixth of my position to lighten up and now I will wait and see.

I also noted that the reason that people are quoting down 16% or something, is that Mongo rose up to near it’s all-time high of $90 early in the week, and fell from there, but it’s only down 8.5% from last weeks close of $81.7, and that just doesn’t seem like a response to an existential threat to me.



I sold 1/3 of MDB and bought AYX and TWLO with the money.