Amazon Cuts iPad Prices


Our little iPad mini2 was pretty useless on our recent trip, it only has WiFi, so when on the road, no help, I blew it when I bought it ages ago… Need that cellular link…

I use my iPhone as a HotSpot. You might want to check with your cellular provider if you don’t have it turned on.

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Good idea. I should have done that on my last trip, not for a iPad but for my laptop. The hotel had WiFi, but it was a bit slow. Just a bit. As in I ran SpeedTest on my computer, and it was 6.05 Mbps. Yes, that is not a typo. Once I turned off WiFi on my phone it was much faster.

Didn’t consider it, but I guess on the road, we could turn on my own or DW’s HotSpot… It wouldn’t add more cellular data than what she uses anyway for our navigation… My iPhone provides the GPS/Mapping via CarPlay to the Alpine receiver in the truck… So, it could have been done… Interesting, I just played around, turned it on n my iPhone, discovered it automatically opens it to allow others to Join, but is still PW protected… Seems good to me!! Thanks GW!