Amazon Stock Split & Buyback…
Amazon announces 20-for-1 stock split, $10 billion share buyback

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I’ve been telling friends and neighbors to watch for a split for some time now. Latest 12 months have been sluggish for the stock, but for ~5years it’s returned 20% CAGR for me.

Even in the face of Bezos saying no to the question not all that long ago.

Buy back? Okay. $10B is pretty much a miniature micro drop in the bucket for a $1.5T market cap company.

Now: Look for the spinoff of AWS, Amazon Web Services, a (the primary?) money maker to Amazon’s bottom line.

Something of a telltale: Ads on TV showing how companies “got to where they are”, by using AWS.

Haven’t seen the ad for a while now, but they were frequent not so long ago.

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