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Fermi Wang (President, CEO):

I’d also like to point out that overall Q3 guidance showing that the wearable market is going down sequentially and also year over year because of the product ramping up time different from last year. But even with that done, our Q3 growth is still 40% year over year. I think that’s an indication that we continue to extend our business on other markets

Here is the september transcript.…



One word - Drones

For GPRO drones in 2016, for AMBA the time is now and should be strong into the 4th Q.


Just for the record - way back in June when I attended the AMBA annual shareholder meeting with 3 other shareholders CFO George Laplante told us that due to a shift in timing for new product introductions from AMBA’s customers (GoPro) we would see the shift in timing of AMBA’s revenue by a quarter. This created higher revenue in Q2, the just completed quarter at the time of the annual meeting, and less revenue in Q3.

It happened just as he said it would.

In addition to drones one would also think, in light of recent events, that security cameras that have hi resolution in low light conditions would be an area for growth. (Think every street corner of every major city in the world.)

The key for AMBA’s stock price, IMHO, is when the company can demonstrate a divergent result from the results of GoPro. They have to show the market that they are not as closely aligned with GoPro as the market currently believes.

Frank - long AMBA, see profile for all holdings