I would appreciate any thoughts as to my approach with AMBA and GPRO.

I feel pretty strong about both, and feel they both have potential to do really well. I also realize the risks, one being they are closely tied to each other. Rather than go with one or the other, I decided to build a 5% “position” that has them both. Not necesarily 2.5% of each. Currently I am about halfway there with AMBA just under 2% and GPRO just under 1%. With the pullbacks in both recently, I plan to build a little more to that 5% goal.
I feel more strongly about AMBA and was planning to roughly end up at 3% with GPRO at 2%. Just rough figures as I will let the market take them to wherever they end up being.

I guess I am just looking for any thoughts or words of wisdom one way or the other. Or if this plan even makes sense.

I appreciate all the wisdom I have gleaned from this board and hope to be able to add to it.


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I am new to this investing board, but have been a long time fool dating back to the late 90’s.

Botha AMBA and GPRO are growing like gangbusters and GPRO has a distribution network second to none. Recently in South Africa I saw 4-5 different chains of stores carrying GoPro camera’s. From sports equipment stores to outdoor adventure stores to Electronic stores…no other camera company comes close to that kind of distribution.

They have very recognisable brand power and a social media presence second to none.

People worry that Smartphone cameras are going to cannibalise GoPro’s market, but they don’t realise no-one is taking their smartphones anywhere near water, snow, sand etc… these really are non-competing markets. No-one is strapping their iPhone to a drone either.

I wonder if todays sell off had something to do with Apple’s new 4K camera on the iPhone 6s… anyway I think both will be excellent investments in the long run and the market forces of overblown fear and misunderstanding are handing us all a great investing opportunity.

My two cents worth.



I double may position in GoPro at $34.01.


GoPro is now 2.3% of my positions.