AMBA used to be a favorite on this board when I started about a year ago. It’s up 70% in the last 3 months!! but still down 40% from 1 year ago.

Even when we are all doing our best to find these opportunities, ones like this just slip by unnoticed.

I’m really amazed that we can’t pick these kind of short term incredible returns like shooting fish in a barrel. These always seem so obvious in hindsight.

How can buying into these kind of rises be so elusive? I’m hoping / watching for BOFI to do this next. They have multiple catalysts coming up that might just get the shorts out of their business like an official rejection of the court claims against them.

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Yeah, AMBA has been on fire.

I’m still more of the traditional MF LTBH investor, as I don’t get in and out as easily/quickly as Saul and others do, so I’m still holding my AMBA shares (and they’re up, yay!).

On the flip side, I’m also still holding my Avigilon, which dropped 25% today after their earnings report yesterday (a SKX or RUBI repeat performance, boo!).

Win some, lose some, hopefully long term I end up with more winners than losers, that’s the plan, at least.

If you like Amba just watch GoPro. They are have the Hero 5 and Karma drone coming. Christmas will be huge for them IMO.


If you like Amba just watch GoPro. They are have the Hero 5 and Karma drone coming. Christmas will be huge for them IMO.

Yeah, I’m still holding them, too. They also are up 80% in 3 months from the bottom, problem here is I didn’t buy at the bottom, just rode them down there.

But I also am looking for a marked improvement in their performance over the next year.

"If you like Amba just watch GoPro. They are have the Hero 5 and Karma drone coming. Christmas will be huge for them IMO. "

I thought that GPRO’s drone was delayed and won’t make this Xmas season?


No, the drone was delayed to the Christmas season. It was suppose to be available earlier this year. A delay past the Christmas season would be catastrophic to the company and be utterly inept management.

So expect the drone sometime in October/November. Hopefully no later than October.


HI Rob,

I think you are talking about last year, when they missed the delivery of the Karma. Here is an excerpt from the last CC.

HERO5 includes several innovative and enabling features that dramatically simplify the experience contributing to what we believe will be the most successful new camera launch in GoPro’s history. And Karma, our new drone, is on track to launch later this year. I have been using Karma extensively and it’s so much more than a drone. I am convinced its versatility and ease of use will dramatically enhance how people capture their lives be it from the sky or otherwise. I am proud. Thanks to the incredible capabilities of our team that GoPro is set to be an innovator in this exciting growth category.

Read the whole CC here :…


I was incorrect they promised the Karma in the first half of 2016 and they say pushed it into the 2nd half. You can read about it here.…


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AMBA earnings get reported Sept. 1 after market close. The stock is down 3.5% today on volume that’s already about as much as the average daily volume.

The consensus EPS is $.38, and the “earnings whisper” number is $.41:

Does that make it a good short-term buy, or are the sellers getting out before a further drop…?

Hindsight will tell all!

It’s had excellent annual earnings growth for the past few years (the Yahoo website only goes back to Jan. 2014), but recently hit a speed bump with the Sony sensor shortage and customer GoPro’s reduced sales. That made the previous two quarters much worse.