AMD CFO on MI300 status

Hardware : So from hardware side, we feel really good about how competitive MI300 versus whatever is in the marketplace right now

Software: So right now, ROCm 5.6, we just released. It actually support a lot of the open source framework, right, PyTorch, Triton and the TensorFlow and others. So the capability and the partnership that we have with our customers today constantly we are advance the software quickly. We definitely get to the point, we feel pretty good about some of the general workload. We can really basically move with the software, the model to our hardware quickly. So that has been – like literally every week, you see significant progress.


AMD should benefit from all this AI growth soon. The price will start to get volatile if AMD starts to significantly increase earnings soon I am thinking. This article speaks to the new gpu sales impacting the bottom line in the 4 th quarter. AMD could see explosive growth just because of the tremendous growth Nvidia experienced and the broad base of products that AMD brings with it. We will see…doc

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I think even if AMD announces adoption things will start to move fast. I think if you wait for the bottom line to show results of a quarter of that actual adoption you may miss some of the move up.

That said… I’m angsty right now. Not that Jim Cramer is the world’s most accurate weather vane but yesterday he was saying that he thought people were seeing and reacting to “cracks in the market” and that things might be getting fragile due to e.g. the possibilty of another interest rate hike, and numerous other indications that there might be a swoon in the economy soon. Maybe we won’t pull off that soft landing after all.

I’m leaning towards the inflation numbers being a little worse this time around and the fed bumping interest rates up, but I am certainly no expert. Also Cramer is not on my list of sources for what is going on with the market or economy or the FOMC. I have been watching the big 7 Nvidia, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, FB, Netflix and Google as those 7 stocks move the market more than any 25 other stocks. These stocks seem to be getting a little shaky. The last 2 days Apple and Nvidia have been in the news and before that it was Tesla taking a hit. I hope we have seen the soft landing already and I hope that AMD gets an earnings surprise that is significant like we saw in the 1st 2 quarters with NVDA where they went to 6 billion then 7 billion. For now I wait…doc

This is all very unclear to me. If you look at the raw power and compute capacity all the products look about the same to me whether it is the H100, MI300, or INTC PVC. However there is a need for specialized AI hardware that varies depending on the application. NVIDIA has included several different “types” of hardware in the H100 to enable it to do some tasks very fast with low power. There is something new in the AI world called “transformers” that somehow relates to using the hardware to look like a neural net, and Nvidia is doing this. Another example is the Intel Gaudi product line that has a special media encoder and it is gaining popularity in AI tasks that involve analyzing visual data like pictures and video. It is clear there is a shortage of AI hardware, and the MI300 will be in great demand to help fill this. It is not so clear how this shakes out in the long run, or which products win at which applications. There is also a concern that the AI boom may bust soon. It is going to be an interesting (and bumpy) ride.

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R.e. the angst and macro…SPY moved sideways over the last month. That makes me think the market is in a wait and see mode. People (algorithms) will buy, but they sell off gains relatively quickly.