AMD won't do well in short term?

AMD won’t do well? Episode 15: TSMC earnings, AMD speculation, Qualcomm, Nanoimprint Lithography - Transistor Radio | Podcast on Spotify

They discuss Intel & AMD and two dudes have different opinions about how well AMD will do short term (10min). One interesting piece of info they mentioned is that MI300 will have 60000 units shipped in Q4 and increase from there going forward.

What do you guys think?

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Genoa and Bergamo server parts are well positioned to carry AMD through 2024. OTOH, I will need to wait until earnings on Tuesday to see what is really going on in clients, but my expectation is AMD continues to struggle. I think the MI300 (A and X) will be a step in the right direction, but I think many are expecting too much from these designs.


I wonder what the price point will be on the MI300. Has anyone seen anything on this? It would be an interesting comparison to Nvidia’s price for the A100…doc