AMD goes for low power

Low power usage used to be an important metric. Something Nvidia doesn’t seem to care about, or perhaps cares more about performance than power. Users pay twice, once to run it and secondly to move the heat away.


A 100x power improvement in a mere 4 years? That seems highly unlikely, no matter how much I want to believe it.

Well, its Lisa Su saying it, so I guess it must be a priority for her. The comments on the link are also disparaging. I don’t work in the expensive AI market of H100s and MI300X so it’s difficult to judge what customer priorities are. I can believe that some customers are not opting for “do it as fast as possible” regardless of cost and power.

3.5 years until end of 2027. 100x power efficiency would seem possible with shrinks in nm and the big one, cutting back on the chip speed.

I have no experience with chip design so I will defer to Lisa Su.

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Well it looks like it’s happened already.

Also this : AI researchers run AI chatbots at a lightbulb-esque 13 watts with no performance loss — stripping matrix multiplication from LLMs yields massive gains | Tom's Hardware

Not sure if the articles are talking about the same or different tech.

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So that’s about the Sohu startup company, not directly related to AMD at all, right? I wonder if AMD is trying to buy them…

I guess Lisa Su must have heard that it was possible from somewhere. Could be from these or perhaps AMD is tackling the power issue in parallel. Won’t know until she speaks about it.