Americans Hungry for the Solitude of the Fast Food Drive Through


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You can have more solitude and better food if you eat at home-


I hate using the drive through. Some lanes are narrow, with sharp turns and high curbs. The wheels on my car cost $450 each to replace if one gets scarred on a curb.

Another thing about using the drive-through, is then you need to immediately head for home to eat. I plan my days with several stops, and having to run back home, in the middle of the loop, to eat, is inefficient.

The loop yesterday: library, Wendy’s in front of Meijer (had coupon), barber shop (in Meijer), Meijer for batteries. thrift store.

Still working out the loop for today: need to hit bank, Office Max, lunch somewhere. I think the most efficient sequence would be Tim Horton’s, Office Max, bank. Heading east on Ford Rd puts them all in a straight line: right turn into Tim’s, right turn into Max, use traffic light at Ikea to make left into Ikea parking lot, then sneak in to back of the bank parking lot.

Steve…hates inefficiency almost as much as waste


OMG! This deserves an “Ok Boomer”. LOL!

I am only being snarky because I have found that our cooking skills have become superior to so many fast food places. I still crave a BK small fries, but their sandwiches are just ok. (I am currently growing my own potatoes and making my own double cooked fries which taste better, but are MUCH slower…HA.)

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Definitely healthier at home. One thing I’ve had to learn recently is all about sodium intake, and finding it near impossible to eat out, anywhere without massively blowing my daily intake limit. It makes you wonder how we got to a point of salting and sugaring everything we cook in restaurants and fast food. :frowning:

Fast food certainly has a convenience factor though. And much of it doesn’t taste too bad either. (yeah, I’m going through a Whataburger withdrawal wight now…)